This pedigree is unlike normal genealogical tree. It consists of a number of sheets with basic information about the persons. All sheets have links so one can click around and see who is related to whom. As such it might be called a family book. The method is my own. The genealogical tree consists of more than 70 sheets, and is constantly expanding, mainly backwards in time, so welcome back in a couple of months.

The focus is on the peculiar family name Thau that has nothing to do with a Jewish family in the Americas or Silesian German family, but is proper North Slesvigan. However, the data that scrupulous genealogists provide me with are also guiding me through the data jungle. Many of these genealogists turn out to be my own, distant relatives, whose existence came to a surprise to me.

Unless otherwise indicated, the language in use is Danish. After all, the major bulk of the indexed persons consists of Danes, and immigrants are either uncooperative (when recent) or badly documented (when remote).

You can start out with

  1. myself: Erik Thau-Knudsen, born March 1960 in Copenhagen (Copenhagen.NV), Denmark  (Български, Vukovian version)
  2. my daughter: Synnøve Thau-Moltsen  (F), born on July 23, 1999 at 06:13 at Skejby Hospital (Århus), Denmark, (Български, Македонски, Vukovica)
  3. my son: Balder Thau-Moltsen (M), born August 1, 2002 in Silkeborg Central Hospital, Denmark (по-русски)
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List of indexed persons

(sorted by [1] first name and [2] year of birth). A  new sheet is less than 10 months old.

  1. Aabel Hansdatter Truelsen, (F) born 3 May 1756. Dead 5 December 1813 in Rurup, Branderup Parsley, Duchy Slesvig
  2. Aase Beiter Thau (K), born 8.6.1914 in Kolding, South Jutland, Denmark. D. July 1999 in Denmark. Sygeplejerske (opr. 17.12.2001)
  3. Agnete Antonsdatter Falkenberg. (K) Born in ca. 1710 in Aller, Denmark. Dead on December 17, 1784 in Aller. 
  4. Andreas Beiter (M), translator, newspaper editor, writer. Born August 30, 1851 in Skærbæk, North Slesvig. D. September 29, 1935 in Ringkøbing, Denmark.
  5. Anna Madsdatter Rostgaard (F). born 1662 in Roost, Denmark. Dead 1725 in Roost. (added 2004-11-22)
  6. Anna Pedersdatter Arnum (F), born 1732 in Landeby, Nørre Løgum Parsley. Dead June 6, 1808 in Roost, Slesvig.
  7. Anne Mathisdatter, * 1699, † Rurup, Branderup Sogn.
  8. Anne Mortensdatter, * 28.7.1726 — Branderup Sogn, 11.05.1770 — Branderup Sogn
  9. Balder Thau-Moltsen (M), born August 1, 2002 in Silkeborg Central Hospital,
  10. Birthe Knudsen (K), *November 22, 1930in Copenhagen NV, Denmark, † 20xx in Denmark.
  11. Birret Pedersdatter (K), 18.1.1753 in Skrave Sogn, Duchy of Slesvig (to-day 6630 Rødding). † 1771, Skrave.
  12. Carl Adolf Michael Schandorff (M), *18xx in Roskilde, Denmark. † 1937 in Østsjælland, Denmark, baker.
  13. Carl Johan Nielsen (m), *1873 in Aalborg (Denmark). † 1959 in København
  14. Carsten Friis Fischer, (M) born d. 4. oktober 1953 på Dronning Sofiesvej, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark. Trælastuddannet.
  15. Christen Knudsen, born/baptized 2nd Sunday after Hellig Tre Konger, 1765 in Ryde Sogn, Vinderup, Ringkøbing Amt. Dead 23.10.1854 in Viuf. Peasant, weaver, landværnsmand.
  16. Christian Ingvardt Beiter, born 1881, probably in Tarm, Denmark.
  17. Christian Thau, *1909-, Horsens. Printer
  18. Christiane Marie Thau, born Beiter * 1881 in Tarm, Ringkøbing Amt, Denmark. † 1976, Aarhus.
  19. Claus Jacobsen Nagel. Born ca 1691. Dead September 28, 1775 in Aller, then the Duchy of Slesvig. Peasant.
  20. Else Marie Clausdatter. Born on 29 March 1750  in Aller, contemporary Haderslev Amt, Denmark. Dead/buried on 15 January 1804 in Viuf, Denmark.
  21. Erik Thau-Knudsen, born March 1960 in Copenhagen (Copenhagen NV), Denmark
  22. Frands Pedersen, born/baptized on 1 February 1745 in Haderslev (Denmark). Dead/Buried on 18 December 1809 in Viuf, Denmark. Landboelsmand. 
  23. Frederich Rostgaard(m), *1671 in Krogerup, Sealand (?). † 1745, Sealand. Administrator, supreme secretary of The Danish Chancellory (Den danske Kancelli), poet, landlord
  24. Frederik Sophus Bech, * 1xxx, † 1xxx in Ålborg, Denmark.
  25. Georg Marinus Christian Knudsen (M), *1874 in Ålborg. Policeman
  26. Grethe Thau, photographer by training. born 8. December 1924 in Silkeborg, Denmark.
  27. Hans Jensen Gaarde, (M). Born on December 3, 1780 in Rurup, Slesvig. Dead September 16, 1862 in Branderup, Slesvig. Farmer.
  28. Hans Jensen Thou, born/baptized 26.2.1786 in Østre Hjerting, Duchy of Slesvig, under Denmark's King. Dead 30.1.1856 in Østre Hjerting. Farmer.
  29. Hans Martinsen Thau (1880-1907), cand. jur.
  30. Hansine Petrea Thau, born 3 May 1846 as Hansine Petrea Gaarde on the family farm Refslund, nær Rurup, Slesvig/Denmark. Dead 9. april 1899 in Kolding.
  31. Hans Rostgaard (16xx-16xx) of Krogerup, landlord, spy etc.  new (added 2011)
  32. Henning Friis Knudsen, born as Henning Knudsen on 08 April 1935, Copenhagen NV, Denmark. Engineer. 2005-09-15 at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark
  33. Ingeborg Pedersdatter Enemark (F), born on 4 January 1757 in Roost, Arrild, Duchy of Slesvig. Dead: ??
  34. Inger Pedersdatter or Inger Hansdatter (F), Inger Hansdatter died on November 15, 1769 in Aller. Born around 1709 in Aller.
  35. Inger Frandsdatter, (K), born 11.12.1775 in Aller Sogn, Denmark. Dead 29.12.1856 in Viuf ved Kolding, Denmark.
  36. Ingrid Knudsen, born Nielsen 25.1.1909, Frederiksberg, Denmark. Died 3. juli 2001 in Copenhagen.NV. Telephonist.
  37. Jacob Rostgaard (m), *16xx Krogerup, Nordsjælland. † 1xxx
  38. Jens Pedersen Thau/Thou, born ca. 1720, baptized ca. 1722 in Københoved, Skrave Sogn, Duchy of Slesvig. Dead 7.6.1794 in Østre Hjerting. Gårdmand.
  39. Jens Nissen (M), born 8. Trinity 1735 in Rurup. † 11.6.1824 in Rurup , Slesvig.
  40. Jens Hansen Thou, born/baptized 22.1.1758 in Skrave, (Nord-) Slesvig, Duchy of Slesvig. Dead 13.1.1832 in Østre Hjerting. Farmer.
  41. Jens Martinsen Thau, born 13-7-1877 in Rurup (south of Toftlund) in North Slesvig, then German Empire, died 1961 in Århus, Denmark. Stadsskoleinspektør
  42. Johanna Olufsdatter, born/baptized 7.1.1756 in Langetved, Skrave Sogn, (Nord-) Slesvig, Duchy of Slesvig. Dead 10. Trinitatis 1800 in Østre Hjerting.
  43. Johannes Beiter, born probably in the 1830's in Munich, Bavaria. Dead 1909 in Skjern, Denmark.
  44. Johannes Bejder (M), born 8 Jul 1912 in Skjern, Ringkøbing, Danmark, † 23 Feb 1998 in Skjern, Ringkøbing, Danmark, butcher,
  45. Jutta Bech, born Demolade 18xx in Denmark, d. 1931 in Ålborg, Denmark. Housewife.
  46. Kai Ove Henry Knudsen, f. 17.11.1903, Nørrebro (Copenhagen., Denmark, d. 24.3.1970. Army Major.
  47. Karen Kirstine Christensdatter (F), (married 1st time: Pauli, married 2nd time: Gaarde), born on December 5, 1804 in Viuf, close to Kolding, Denmark. Died May 22, 1872 in Refslund, Northern Slesvig, then German Empire.
  48. Karen Kristine Thau (K), f. 22.2.1868 in Rurup, North Slesvig, then German Empire. Lived in 1948 in Ribe. Dead 1964 in Ribe, Denmark. Husbestyrerinde.
  49. Kirsten Jespersdatter. (F) Born 19 February 1672 in Roost, Slesvig. Died 23 April 1719 in Roost.
  50. Kirstine Martine Thau (K), f. 4. 5. 1874 on the family farm Refslund in Rurup, North Slesvig, then German Empire. Dead 15. 4. 1942 in Silkeborg, Denmark. Writer a.o.
  51. Kirstine Jensen (K), born 24 February 1887 in Silkeborg. Dead 15-12-1966 in Silkeborg. Teacher.
  52. Lone Moltsen (K), born 9 February 1962 in Brønderslev, Denmark. High School teacher.
  53. Mads Outzen Rostgaard (M) (1620-1689), owner of Roostgaard. (added 2004-11-22)
  54. Magda Olidia Kuld Thau, born Schandorff, 04 April 1907 at Frederiksberg (Copenhagen., Denmark. Dead: 3 March 1982 in Hellerup, Denmark. Teacher of dyslectic soldiers.
  55. Maren Christensdatter, (F) * 14.10. 1731 in Ryde Sogn, Denmark. Dead/buried 9. 8. 1795 in Lille Østerskov, Ryde Sogn, Denmark. Peasant's wife.
  56. Margit Moltsen (born Simonsen), born 4.9.1932 in Ørum (Vendsyssel), Denmark.
  57. Margrethe Thøgersdatter (F), born/baptized 23rd Sunday after Trinity 1755 in Hjortlund. Died March 29, 29.3. 1846 in Mjolden.
  58. Margrethe Nielsdatter Thau, born/baptized 22.2.1795 in Hedegård, Hjortlund Sogn. Dead 2.5.1864 in Østre Hjerting.
  59. Margrethe Frederikke Thau-Jensen, born as Thau 18. 1. 1884 in Aabenraa, then German Empire. Died ca. 1970 in Ribe, Denmark. School teacher. 
  60. Maria Christensdatter Rostgaard (F), born 1697 at Rostgaard. Dead/buried 5. 11. 1769 in Roost, Denmark. 
  61. Mariane Louise Nielsen, born Bech 16.7.1872 in Ålborg, Denmark, dead 1960 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  62. Martin Hansen Thau, born 3-10-1837 in Hjerting (south of Vejen), Slesvig/Denmark. Dead 6 August 1916 in Ribe. Farmer in Rurup, teacher.
  63. Martin Hansen Thau (M), born 28 July 1887 in Åbenrå in North Slesvig, then German Empire. D. 8 May 1979 in Silkeborg. Skolelærer/skoleinspektør in Silkeborg.
  64. Mathias Jensen , * 1664, † 1736
  65. Mogens Beiter Thau (M), f. 13.3.1907 in Kolding, South Jutland, Denmark. D. 198x in Denmark. Dentist. 
  66. Niels Pedersen, born/baptized 2. pinsedag 1748 in Hjortlund. Dead 31.8.1828 in Hjortlund. Gårdmand.
  67. Olaf Jarl Beiter Thau (M), f. 8.6.1914 in Kolding, South Jutland, Denmark. D. 6-1-1993 på Frederiksberg, Denmark. Apoteker.
  68. Ole Moltsen (M), born 22.4.1959 in Serritslev, Denmark.  Leader in B&O.
  69. Orla Thau-Jensen (M), born 11-11-1914 in Nykøbing, Mors, Denmark. Dead in 1980s.
  70. Peder Pedersen Enemark. (M) Born around 1665 in Enemark, Slesvig. Dead 23. 4. 1719 in Roost, Slesvig. Farmer.
  71. Peder Jensen Thau, born ca. 1687. Dead 13.2.1752 in Skrave.
  72. Peder Pedersen Enemark (M), born ca. 1698  in Roost, Arrild, Denmark. Dead/buried 5.5.1725 in Roost. Farmer.
  73. Peder Pedersen Thau (M). born ca. 1716. Dead 25.1.1801 in Københoved ( to-day postal district 6630 Rødding)
  74. Peder Knudsen, born ca. 1722 in Jernved, Ribe Amt. Dead/buried 10.6.1768 in Hjortlund Sogn.
  75. Peder Pedersen Enemark, (M) born on June 29, 1725 in Roost, Denmark. Dead/buried on March 27, 1803 in Roost
  76. Peder Hansen Gaarde, (M) born 1. 1. 1812 on the family farm Refslund in Rurup, Branderup Sogn, contemporary Denmark. Dead 12.1.1875 in Rurup, Branderup Sogn, Slesvig, then German Empire. Farmer.
  77. Peter Frantzen, born ca. 1707 in Copenhagen. Dead 6.6. 1782 in Brabæk, Aller. Shoemaker, landboelsmand.
  78. Peter Gregers Thau (M), born 6. 7. 1882  in Rurup, North Slesvig, then German Empire. Uddannet bogbinder. Vagtmester in Horsens Statsfængsel.
  79. Petrea Pedersdatter, born 31. 8. 1786 in Arrild (7,8 km nordvest for Branderup). Dead 10.12.1863 in Branderup, Slesvig. Farmerkone.
  80. Preben Thau (M), * 1939 , Horsens, Denmark. Printer
  81. Simon Christian Simonsen, (M)f. 29.12.1904 in Ørum (Vendsyssel), Denmark, d. 9.5.1994 in Jylland, Denmark. Sognerådsformand.
  82. Susanne Moltsen (F), born Kristiansen on 28.4. 1966 in Vestervig, Denmark. Hair-dresser. Teaches coiffure
  83. Svend Moltsen, born 1.3.1929 in Serritslev, d. smst. 27.6.1995. Farmer
  84. Synnøve Thau-Moltsen  (F), born on July 23, 1999 at 06:13 at Skejby Hospital (Århus), Denmark.
  85. Uffe Beiter Thau, born 23 February 1911, Kolding, South Jutland, Denmark, dead July 22, 2003. Cand. jur.
  86. Ulla Thau, born on November 06, 1941 in Gentofte, Denmark. Ex-kindergarten nurse.

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