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[ Photo of Color Classic ]
Color Classic
Computer Present Original
Model Macintosh Color Classic (Slice) Macintosh Color Classic (Slice)
Chassis colour (original) Beige
Manufactured   April 1993
Acquisition 1997 1994
Processor (original) Motorola MC68030
Motherboard (original)  
Bus Speed (original) 16 MHz
Random Access Memory 10 MB 10 MB
Hard disk 80 MB SCSI 80 MB SCSI
Total partitions 1 1
CD-ROM drive none none
Video (original) built-in, featuring 256 colours
Video RAM (original) ?
Screen (original) (original 10" screen, built into the computer), resolution: 8 bit 512x342 px
Ethernet card none none
Modem none none
Apple Talk yes yes
Peripherals (when used)
Keyboard Apple Design Keyboard original
Mouse Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II original
Partitions 1 HFS 1 HFS
Operating Systems System 7.1 DA System 7.1 DA
Installed Programs (including ISO language code in parenthesis)
  • Apple Backup (System Software DK-7.1.P5)
  • Astrix 1.0.1 (en)
  • Astro-Lo 1.0 (en)
  • CDU (en)
  • Claris Works 2.1 (da)
  • Compact Pro 1.51 (en)
  • Cosmic Imperative (en)
  • Fax Controller 1.0.4 (© Smith Micro Software 1994) (en)
  • HyperCard Player 2.3
  • Iomega Tools5.3 (en)
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • KidPix 1.1 (en)
  • MacAstrologer.sit (en)
  • Mac Spectacle 1.8.2.dac.sit (en)
  • Microsoft Word 5 (da)
  • Norton Utilities 2.0 (en)
  • SoundEdit 2.0.3 (en)
  • Tetris Max 2.9 (en)

[ Color Classic ]Originally, this was the first computer my wife Lone bought, way before she met me. It was placed close to a halogene lamp that left a mark on the top of the chassis, formed as a 30x30x5 mm encarving.

After we moved together, she was forced to upgrade to my Performa 460, which I had replaced by a Power Book 5300 cs. Then my brother got it as a Christmas present in 1998 or 1999. I got it back, when he inherited my Power Macintosh 8600 a few years later.


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