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image of PowerBook 5300 Macintosh PowerBook 5300

Computer Present Original
Model PowerBook 5300 cs (M3)
Chassis colour dark grey dark grey
Acquisition (original - I am the first owner) Fall 1996
Processor (original) Power PC 603 e
performing at the clock frequency 100 MHz
Motherboard Replaced in 1998 (dropped a cup of tea on it!) (original)
Random Access Memory 40 MB unique PB 5300 RAM 8 MB onboard RAM
Video Random Access Memory 512 kb 512 kb
Hard Disk 4 GB ATA 750 MB ATA
Total partitions 2 1
Video as original (replaced in August 2002) (original
8 bits colour (=256 colours)
Screen as original (replaced in 1998) 480 x 640 pixels
Upper PCMCIA Card Slot netcard (specification pending) (none)
Lower PCMCIA Card Slot  modem card (specification pending) (none)
Keyboard Apple Keyboard I (ADB) (none)
Operating Systems Partition 1: Mac OS DK-8.5.3
Partition 2: Mac OS Z-8.5.3
Mac OS 7.5.2

This computer is a pain in my buttock. Multiple repairs, upgrades etc. hasn't kept it alive.

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PowerBooksPlus.comis a commercial site with reserve parts for old PowerBooks. The site includes an "exploded view" of PowerBook 5300 and PowerBook 190. It is run by a certain Danny Monk from whom I bought a P-RAM battery in March 2003. Nice to to business with.


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