Balder after the bath

Balder efter badet. Optaget fra en Sony Ericsson T610 i 2005-09-29.

Balder hos mor i dagligstuen.

Balder og mor hjemme. Optaget af Erik Thau-Knudsen fra en Sony Ericsson T610 i marts 2004.

name Balder Thau-Moltsen
Born as Balder Thau-Moltsen
Gender M
Born 1st August 2002 at 22:05:51 (Middle European Time, daylight's saving period [i.e., +2 GMT]) at Silkeborg Centralsygehus (Silkeborg), Denmark.
Horoskop Horoscope
Baptized Sunday, February 2, 2003 at 10:20 in Silkeborg Church (Silkeborg Kirke), Denmark. Baptizing certificate. The dinner was held at KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad.
Witnesses: Mette Moltsen (godmother, aunt, banker), Mette Rønning Buhl (high school teacher), Peter Engholm (general medician)
Priest: Susanne Bach (deputy priest from Århus)
About the naming

His name must be

  1. Nordic: Balder is the name of the first known god of the Viking asa pantheon, with the side form Baldur. First testimonies of him are in amulets, depicting the events immideately preceding his violent death. A saga says that Balder rivalled a certain Hother/Høther/Hød for the Norwegian princess Nanna, daughter of Gevar. Saxo Grammaticus accounts of this in his Gesta Danorum, Liber III, Caput I, II, III [in Latin ]. After Ragnarok, the Viking doomsday, when all dead and living beings engage in an apocalyptic battle, the only survivors are a man, a woman, and Balder, who becomes the sole god of mankind;
  2. rare: to avoid confusion. By June 27, 2002, there were 60 men named Balder, 20 men named Baldur [source: Statistics Denmark], contrary to the trivial Kasper [there are 27,038 Kaspers/Caspers/Caspars], Kristian [52,092 (1.1 % of all Danes) with the forms Kristian/Christian/Christiern; both figures of 27 July 2002] of his cousins;
  3. not so rare that it will cause problems: Balder is an asa name, familiar to every Dane, and he is even kind and handsome;
  4. polysyllabic: I admit, Bal-der is only bisyllabic, but it is hard to find a trisyllabic boy's name in the old Scandinavian tradition; "Stærkodder" (="Starkad") sounds too fierce, "Klodevig" (-> "Ludwig" -> "Louis") and "Frederik" are really German, and "Roderik" is practically unknown (less than 3 males in Denmark, thus infringing requirement #3.

Other proposed names : Thor, Thormod, Thorbjørn, Aslak, Asmund, Asbjørn.

Spouse (none)
Children (none)
Father Erik Thau-Knudsen, born 1.3.1960 in Ansgar Kirkes Sogn, København NV, Denmark
Mother Lone Moltsen, born 9.2.1962 in Brønderslev Sygehus, Denmark
Siblings Synnøve Thau-Moltsen  (F), born 23.7.1999 in Skejby Sygehus, Århus, Denmark.
Current address Skolegade 2
DK- 8600 Silkeborg
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