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  1. Preface
  2. Microsoft Word 5.x software
  3. EndNote software
  4. Extras

Self-portrait of Erik Thau-Knudsen from 2006-03-15 at home


This page offers a few files, chiefly for Microsoft Word 5 for the Macintosh and End Note Plus version 3 and higher.

All the files offered in this section are located on my server and have undergone a virus check.

The files I offer you on this page are freeware from my part. Any use of them is at your own risk.
I don't charge you, and you don't charge me.

Microsoft Word 5.x software

Diacritic signs without installing new fonts

If you work in MS Word v4-5.x and you don't want to install many fonts for covering your needs for Latin letters with diacritics, you might benefit from this Word document that lists letters with diacritics encoded, originally written by the Norwegian balkanist Vemund Aarbakke in 1994 (maybe earlier). It displays characters with diacritic signs in Bulgarian, Macedonian, Rumanisn, Slovenian, Turkish, Vukovian (Serbo-Croatian).


Documents written with these diacritics cannot be displayed or printed correctly in other word processors, including later versions of MS Word, i.e., version 6 and later. This also goes for HTML.
Download Diakritiske tegn (2.6 KB, .sit).

EndNote software

IS ResearchSoft (later bought by Thomson Reuters) has made an excellent piece of software called EndNote Plus for producing references and bibliographies in academic writing. Their EndNote Plus version 1-4 worked well in Microsoft Word version 5.1a by adding a plug-in to the Word Commands folder, thus enabling complete functionality as if you had opened the application itself. Later versions of EndNote Plus pay no respect this "dinosaur" and discontinue the support of pre-MS Word 6 versions, including the 5.1a plug-in.

Styles for EndNote exported XML files (EndNote 8+)

Since 2007, most documents I've written were uploaded to the web right away. As I don't know of any free EndNote viewers, I've felt compelled to use the export to XML feature that EndNote has been offering since at least version 8. To view the XML biographies, I've written some XSL stylesheets that comply with different standards. Find them here.

Styles for Mac OS Classic / System 7-9

If you have EndNote on your Macintosh running Classic operating systems, you may add the following items:

EndNote Prefs (drop it onto your Preferences folder) (1.6 KB).

Styles (drop them onto the Styles folder [Applications -> EndNote Plus -> Styles]:

  1. ScandoSlavica Humanities For writing papers to Scando-Slavica in the "humanities" style. I re-wrote it in October 2001. (2.7 KB)
  2. ScandoSlavica Author-Date. For writing papers to Scando-Slavica in the Author-Date style. I wrote this on November 1, 2001 (2.7 KB, .sit).
  3. ErikMLA For writing papers in the MLA (Modern Language Association) style, with certain modifications, though. (3.0 KB)
  4. ThauMLAFor writing papers in the MLA style, modified so as to enable a printout of an abstract (2.4 KB)

Connection files (drop them into the Connections folder in EndNote 3-4 [Applications -> EndNote Plus -> Connections])

  1. Libris (Sweden) Accessing the Regina database with about 2 million titles at Kungliga Biblioteket, Stockholm, the national library of Sweden. I made this connection file in May 1999. (6.0 KB)
  2. British_Library to the British Library, London (2.4 KB)


Some files are put here temporarily and not covered by the freedoms and restrictions mentioned in the preface of this page.

Morten's file #1 (596 MB)

Real men don't make backups. Real men cry.
Christian Termansen, student at the U. of Copenhagen, 1998
All reference to profit and non-profit organisations on this page is deliberate and not sponsored.


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